Yakitoria and Mojo

Japanese cuisine restaurant chain “Yakitoria” and Italian cuisine restaurant chain “Mojo”


Graphic design / Multipage makeup / Image and souvenir products / Website engineering /
Web design / Web programming / Web testing / Writing and publication of content


Yakitoria and Mojo restaurants had been our customers for many years. We’ve provided all kinds of services, from creating seasonal advertising materials and menus to designing websites and large format printing products used in restaurant design.


We paid special attention to the menu. Each detail was carefully worked out and each food category had unique design.
We provided reliable and high-quality services while often performing an extremely meticulous work creating multipage menus that have been renewed numerous times over the long time that we worked together.


We have also provided services on development of mobile apps for AppStore and GooglePlay.
We’ve created a unique style for each restaurant and implemented all the functions required to place an online order.