Planeta Sport

Chain of sport and hiking equipment stores

Planeta Sport” chain has been our client for the past several years.
Our work includes wide range of services as well as continuous daily support and development of the project.
One of the major tasks was to develop an e-shop that would allow offline shops to sell their products online effectively. It was necessary to not just create a website, but develop a style that would be applicable to all web projects of the company.


Wide range of services / Web design /
Online advertising / Graphic design

Engineering and design

Our work began with prototyping and it was already a large-scale project, as we needed to not only take into account all stages of product purchasing, but also represent the chain of shops online. We have created over 50 unique, carefully crafted design layouts for website pages.

Site pages

Continuous support and development

Since our studio provided full support services, the website changed on a daily basis. New elements were added, existing ones were changed, and optimization was done as necessary. Website was seriously redesigned several times, including change of fonts and site structure.

Over 50 additional unique design
layouts for website pages

Offline advertising

Besides working on the website, our studio provided services on developing offline advertising, printing materials and event decorations. This also included creation of images and collages.

Email design

Unique design was created for direct e-mailing campaigns and for notifications sent to customers.

Mobile version

Since our client was not ready to create a fully adaptive website, we’ve created a separate version of the website for smartphones that allows to make purchases and use other website functions.

Advertising banners

Over 70 unique advertising banners were created for the website, featuring special offers. These banners were also adapted for publication in social media and affiliated sites.